Nick Wilsdon

Founder of Torque

is a well-known digital marketing and SEO expert with over two decades of experience in the industry. He has worked with some of the world’s leading brands and companies to develop successful digital marketing strategies and improve their online presence.

Wilsdon’s interest in digital marketing began in the late 1990s when he was working as a web designer. He quickly realized the importance of SEO in driving traffic to websites and began to specialize in the field. He worked for several digital agencies, as head of department, including Arena Media, Havas and Dentsu Aegis, before joining Vodafone as their Head of SEO in 2014.

During his 7 years at Vodafone, Wilsdon was responsible for developing and implementing the company’s global SEO strategy, which helped to significantly increase their online visibility and customer acquisition. After leaving Vodafone, Nick went onto work with eBay, retraining as an Edge Solutions Architect. Deciding to found his own company, he then went onto create Torque, a bespoke digital consultancy helping enterprise companies with combined revenues exceeding $170bn per year.

Wilsdon has also been a prominent figure in the SEO community, regularly speaking at conferences and events around the world. He is known for his expertise in enterprise SEO, edge compute and Center of Excellence (CoE) SEO programs across multiple international markets.

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