Dejan Nemčić

Officially the best teacher in the world in 2021. and 2022.

Association of Macedonian Geography Professors “PROF. Dr. Ljube Milenkovski “- Skopje, declared Dejan Nemčić, a geography professor from Croatia, as an honorary member.
The work and deeds of our colleague Dejan Nemčić from Croatia proofs that geography has no borders.

The decision to grant honorary membership to Professor Dejan Nemčić was based on the knowledge that Professor Nemčić started a reform in geography teaching, and made the teaching process enjoyfull for his students.

His popularity among students and colleagues outside his country is even more recognizable because of his humanity and unselfish help in the education process for childrens all over the planet.
Dejan Nemcic was born in 1986 in Bjelovar, Croatia. He finished his primary and secondary education in Garešnica – R. Croatia, and after completing the studies at the Geography Department at the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Zagreb, in 2012, he obtained the title Master in Geography Education.

Today, he teaches geography at “Braća Radić” primary school in Zagreb. The humanitarian and cultural activities of our colleague Nemcic are mostly presented through the establishment of the humanitarian organization “Together We Can”. The lead project of this organization is the project “Africa – Together We Can”, where hundreds of schools in Africa where equipped with school supplies, donations of drugs against malaria and therefore thousands of lives were saved.

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