Petar Štefanić


graduated in philosophy and linguistics from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb. He has been in journalism for 15 years, since 2001 he started working at Croatian Radio, in the editorial office of internal politics. He edits and hosts the shows “In the Network of the First” and “Poligraf”, and since 2003 he has been making contributions for the television show “Sundays in Two”. In 2005, he moved to HTV as an editor and host of the show “Otvoreno”. After that, he edits and hosts a number of shows, mainly political magazines (“Post scriptum”, “”, “Spektar”, “Labirint”), but in parallel with these projects he works as a journalist in HTV’s “Dnevnik”, a reporter in “Latinica”. and edits and hosts the evening news. As a journalist, he most often covered events from political life, reported from Parliament, and on several occasions was the so-called back editor of “Dnevnik”. After HRT, he moved to N1 television, where he hosted and edited the talk show Pressing for 3 years. The show is broadcast three times a week and hosts the widest circle of protagonists of social and political life, as well as people from the fields of culture and sports. A year ago, he founded his company Word, which deals with communications in the broadest sense of the word, and he uses his many years of media experience in teaching clients. In his free time, he shows a special passion for following sports, shows a tendency to follow film art. Activities include cycling, swimming, sometimes hiking and playstation tournaments.

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