Aleksandra Brmbota

Job position: Mathematics and IT teacher

Biography: Aleksandra Brmbota completed her studies at the Faculty of Science in Zagreb, in the Department of Mathematics, where she graduated as a Master of Mathematics, specializing in Mathematical Statistics and Informatics. She currently works as a Mathematics and IT teacher at the Markantun de Dominis High School in Rab and holds the position of Senior Advisor. She is the author of textbooks for high school (written according to the new curriculum), DOS (digital educational content on Edutorij), methodological preparations, video lessons, and other interactive content for mathematics teaching. She mentors courses (MOOCs) at the national level within the e-School project. She has received numerous county and national awards in the field of education, and has been involved as an author and participant in various national and international projects. She is also the coordinator of several school projects co-financed by European funds. She participated in the “Support to the Implementation of the Curricular Reform” project and obtained the highest level of competency certificate in the Integration of Information and Communication Technologies, according to the Guidelines for the Continuous Professional Development of Teachers implemented by the British Council in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Science. She is always ready for new challenges and the introduction of innovations in teaching

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