Tin Đudajek

Co-founder @ Canonical SEO Agency

My name is Tin Đudajek and I am amateur footballer and professional SEO expert from Croatia with almost a decade of experience in search engine optimization under my belt.

These are just some of the thing I am proud of

✅ Worked with some of the biggest companies in Croatia that also work internationally
✅ Started a Facebook group ‘SEO Hrvatska’ which became the biggest gathering place of SEO professionals in the region
✅ Started my own SEO Agency called Kenozoik
✅ Managed and completed more SEO project that I can remember
✅ Started 5 SEO project of my own
✅ Speaker and lecturer at a few educational institutions and conferences
✅ Volunteered and helped many small businesses
✅ Conducted and presented case studies of my own

I don’t wanna be one of those Linkedin people that say ‘SEO is a way of life’ or ‘SEO is a passion’ but what I can honestly say is that I truly enjoy my work and I am thrilled to be learning and exploring the field every day. I advocate a holistic approach to digital projects so my analysis usually span waaay beyond what some would consider an SEO domain.

I don’t want to bore you with any more details, so if you read thus far I sure hope we’ll meet irl and tackle some SEO mysteries or just simply enjoy a beer 😊

EXCLUSIVE OFFER Anyone that has come this far and found this, I am going to buy a beer once we meet 🍻

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