Nina Erceg

Product Owner | AI Engineer @ RIMAC

I am a software developer who helped implement projects based on computer vision and machine learning. Know my way around C++, Python, OpenCV, Tensorflow, TensorRT, Embedded, Ansible, Jira…

Entered automotive industry as Product Owner/Project Development Lead for Telematic Control Unit.

And of course I am a bit of a talking engineer:

▪︎ 5 March 2018 -> Speaker at first Women in Data Science (WIDS) conference held in Zagreb on topic ”Artificial intelligence saving lives on highways”
▪︎ 12 December 2019 -> Speaker at first .debug conference held in Zagreb on topic ”Artificial intelligence for smarter cities”
▪︎ 30 January 2020 -> Speaker at “Women in tech” meetup Split on topic “Artificial intelligence in Digital-out-of-home Advertising”
▪︎ 3 December 2020 -> Panelist at “Digital breakfast: AI powered by A1” organized by Netokracija
▪︎ 8 March 2021 -> Panelist at Women in Data Science Central & Eastern Europe on topic “How to start a career in Data Science”
▪︎ 28 April 2022 -> Panelist at “Girls in ICT day” by Photomath on topic “Careers in ICT: 5 Panelists and 1000 opportunities”
▪︎ 02 June 2022 -> Panelist at .debug conference on topic “Development and motherhood” by DevSheGoes
▪︎ 15 June 2023 -> Speaker at .debug conference on topic “What to do when you get bored of programming”
▪︎ 13 July 2023 -> Speaker at Tinel Open Meetup on topic “What to do when you get bored of programming”
▪︎ 27 October 2023 -> Fireside chat at Innovate now on topic “New technology and innovations”
▪︎ 06 December 2023 -> Panelist at 2. Entrepreneurial advent by Aspira on topic “AI: weight or inspiration”

About me:
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