Nikola Kapraljević

CEO @ Infinum

Infinum is a digital agency that specializes in designing, building, and scaling digital products and solutions. We’ve been helping businesses digitalize their offerings and processes for over 17 years and have worked with clients such as Porsche, Philips, Signify, Disney, KPMG, PwC, Nike and we’re always interested in establishing connections with brands looking for a reliable partner to help them navigate the digital landscape

Today, Infinum employs more than 350 people in 10 locations worldwide. We’re working on affirming our position as the regional leader in digital innovation by opening more offices in neighboring countries. At the same time, we are establishing a presence in strategic locations around the world to be closer to international clients.

In 2020 we joined forces with Porche Digital who recognized our expertise. Our joint venture’s main mission is to build and scale product teams to develop new digital products and optimize existing internal processes.

I’ve been with Infinum since its earliest days, when there were only a few of us working in a tiny office and taking on all kinds of projects. I started off as a developer, moved on to project management and strategic roles, and in 2022 replaced my COO role with the position of CEO.

I like to joke that I enjoy quitting a position. Throughout the years, my moving on actually meant that we were growing and developing and that I have successfully mentored the next person to fill my role. Besides, I like to be hands-on in everything I do, so passing through all the different positions helped me better understand all the processes in the company. Today I am able to make better strategic decisions because of it and help clients achieve their digital goals.

I am also a father of two who enjoys dancing salsa and loves driving sports cars.

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