Hrvoje Ćosić


was born in Zagreb. After the end of the XV. gymnasium (mathematical and informatics educational center), in 1995 he entered the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at the University of Zagreb, which he successfully graduated in 2000. After completing his graduate studies at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, he enrolled in an MBA specialist course and thus obtained an MBA degree in finance.

He started his professional career as a manager at Hypo bank in 2000, where he works in financial affairs in the treasury, risk and liquidity management, money market and currency trading. Not long after that, he founded Fornax d.o.o., his first computer programming company. He was involved in various jobs related to real estate, energy and energy efficiency, but his core business was always related to ICT. In 2015, together with a partner, he founded Aircash, the first Croatian fintech to launch a mobile wallet on the market. Aircash is a highly regulated institution for electronic money with an authorization issued by the CNB that is valid in all EU member states. In addition, Aircash is the only non-bank institution in Croatia that can issue Mastercard cards. Hrvoje continues to work as a director of Aircash, which has more than 250,000 users and is expanding its business throughout the EU.

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